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electrical Maintenance
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Our Wish List

We are in urgent need of the following equipment / materials for maintainance and repairs in our guard camps:


1. Cleaning materials - Dish washing liquid, bleach, toilet paper, sunlight soap, all purpose cleaner, etc.

2. Brooms, rakes, spades, garden forks, buckets, dish cloths, cleaning rags

3. Light bulbs, light fittings, light switches, power plugs

4. Inverters and Deep cycle batteries - 100Ah or 200Ah

5. Solar water pumps and solar panels - 300W or more where possible.

6. Solar chargers, solar cable and fittings

7. Trunking and conduit, drills, drill bits, circular saws, blades

8. DB boards, surflex, electrical cable, circuit breakers

9. Building sand, plaster sand, cement and ready mix

10. Waxol and turpentine, paint brushes and rollers

11. Plumbing fittings, pipes, copper pipe and fittings

12. Solar LED security lights, and similar, day night switches (12v&220V)


Cash donations are most welcome too - please see our banking details below:




a 20ft container to use as a storage facility and a workshop for the HOs.


If you are able to assist, please e-mail us with your details and a breakdown of what you will be willing to donate. 

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our contact details:

Chairman                    Douw Kruger           

Vice Chairman           Pat Jennings                Sectretary                  Tanya Alberts          

Treasurer                     Henk Mathee           

Communications      Christine Kruger      

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Our banking details:

uMkhuze Honorary Officers
Account no. 1005593051
Branch Code: 198765
Note - Please add a reference to your payment
(e.g. John Doe donation)


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