the Mshopi RAINWATER HARVESTING Project....

uMkhuze Game Reserve has historically had water supply problems. Droughts, Covid-19, lack of funding and farming activities upstream on the Mkuze and Msunduzi rivers have not helped to improve the situation, but have actually made it worse. As a result, Mshopi camp site has been has been closed for almost 2 years. In attempt to supplement water for the nearby guard camp and camp site, it was decided to rebuild/revamp the old rainwater harvesting station nearby.

Pleas were made on our facebook page and on this website, to generate the funds to do so by means of donations from the public and business who could assist. We have come along way with donations received so far, but there is still quite a way to go, and the the Mshopi campsite will also need to be refurbished.


This means that the ablution blocks, water reticulation and storage, swimming pool and camp sites will be in dire need of attention due to non-use and no maintenance over the last almost 2 years. 


This mamoth task cannot be tackled without your generous donations and sponsorships...please donate something to our project - no matter how small, every little bit will make a difference.


Our banking details are listed at the bottom of this page and elsewhere on the web page.


Thank you!

SEE our Progress so far...
More photos will be added as work progresses....
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Chairman                    Douw Kruger            

Vice Chairman           Pat Jennings            

Sectretary                   Tanya Alberts           

Treasurer                     Henk Mathee            

Communications      Christine Kruger       

Our banking details:

uMkhuze Honorary Officers
Account no. 1005593051
Branch Code: 198765
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