Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Honorary Officers are volunteers who support the staff of Ezemvelo in their conservation work within protected areas and district conservation areas. There are 45 groups in KZN, which is made up of approximately 750 volunteers. Each group is connected to a specific reserve or conservation district within KZN. Each group has its own challenges, and uMkhuze Game Reserve is no exception.

Our work in Umkhuze involves supporting the park's management and staff with various functions like maintainance, repairs, projects, fundraising and education. Rhino poaching (and all other poaching) in the parks of South Africa has seriously impacted the already limited financial resources we have at our disposal for the day to day running of the park. As a result, many areas within the park has been neglected due to the financial impact of this. Funding is not easy to come by, even with annual forecast budgets submitted at regional and national level, so we have appeal to local businesses and international donors/sponsors to provide us with donations or sponsorships (both financial and material)to help us achieve or goals.

The groups are made of of a variety of volunteers with expertise or knowledge in electrical, plumbing, welding, fitting and turning, administration, marketing, information technology, building and construction, management, general maintainance, and a will to tackle any challenge that is thrown their way.


If you ever happen to see a bunch of EKZN Wildlife Honorary Officers manning a stall or booth at a shopping centre, any function or venue,  or even set up under a gazebo at a golf hole - please go and say hi, and support them! They are after all, doing this for our heritage, our future(children), and for conservation - in their own time, and at own expense.





HONORARY OFFICERS - volunteers for conservation......

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